Flag Fixtures

Rope and Clips
The flag clips are most commonly used. Made from high quality UV resistant nylon, they offer excellent durability and low halyard noise when hoisted. Simply attached one to each flag loop and two on the flagpoles rope via a basic hitch knot, connect togeter and hoist your flag. The tension between the flag and rope should be slightly loose, allowing flags to fly.

Brass Grommets (also known as eyelets)
These are round and solid brass that are place usually on the header of the flag, one at the top and one at the bottom. For flags with grommets, you can use c-clips, zap straps or snaphooks to attach the flag a flagrope. Flags and banners with grommets can also be hung vertically on the wall.

Rope loops
Rope loops are used for simple fast flag hoisting. Simply attach both flag loops to your existing clips, and host your flag. The tension betwwn the flag and flag clips should be slightly llose allowing flags to fly easily.

Sleeve hole
There are also flags with sleeve option. You can slide a pole in and secure your flag using a rope at the bottom.

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